A graduate from the Dentistry School of the University of Athens and from the Biology School of the University of Athens Dr.Maria Kalogiannaki has an innovative approach to holistic dentistry. She sees dental services in harmony with the health of the whole body, she follows the new paradigmm where dental care and materials used are adapted to the biology and overall health and wellness of the individual.

Dr.Maria Kalogiannaki continued her education by completing a two years Master in Biostatistics at the Medical School of the University of Athens. Constantly acquiring new skills is Dr.Maria’s attitde to life. She is a passionate dentist dedicated to patient education. She observes and listens to her patients, thoroughly analyzes their signs and symptoms, gives them a multitude of treatment solutions and allows them to select for theirselves.

Since 2001, Dr.Maria Kalogiannaki runs her own dental practice, where a full range of dental procedures are performed. The target of her practice is preventive care as this is the key to patients’ health. Treatments are performed with only focus in patients’ confort and best interest.

The practice strictly follows both national and international guidelines for sterilization processes.