Children’s Dental Services

Our first mission is to teach and motivate every child to develop good long lasting habits for the future. Our contribution to this target is the application of a professional preventive program to protect young teeth and prevent decay: If both parents are patients of record and in good standing with our offices, checkup visits for…

Damaged Teeth

A relatively small damage to the tooth does not affect the nerve and we are pleased to restore it following cosmetic dentistry guidelines by placing a white composite filling or a porcelain inlay or onlay. Composite is a “plastic” material used to cover the tooth after decay is removed. Inlays and onlays are porcelain fillings….

Smile Design

Porcelain laminates/ veneers are thin shells placed over stained, misshaped, damaged or unattractive teeth. They can also close gaps between teeth and magically improve your smile. The thin layer porcelain appears very natural due to translucency of porcelain. They are stain resistant and long lasting. Laminate veneers represent the most highly “cosmetic” of dental procedures….

Crowns (Cups), Bridges, Onlays

Nothing replicates natural enamel and dentin better that porcelain. We construct pure porcelain crowns and onlays for the most natural cosmetic solutions. We avoid the metal alloys as they are responsible for the dark line at the gumline. Dental crowns should fit on the tooth like a glove and have perfect continuity with the root…

Teeth whitening / bleaching

Teeth whitening means to brighten your teeth by removing stain caused from staining foods and beverages. Teeth bleaching refers to lightening a tooth from the inside-out. Bleaching makes the whole natural tooth whiter. We offer two whitening systems to fit our patients’ lifestyles and budget considerations. The most effective bleaching is succeeded by the combination of…

Lips / Hyaluronic acid

Hyalyronic acid (HA) exists in our body, for lubrication and water cupturing. HA fillers correct perfectly the wrinkles, in an affordable and biologically compatible treatment. Dermal fillers are supplied in a pre-filled sterile syringe for injection. They are manufactured in different thicknesses, some are more gel-like and some more liquid. What type we will use depends mainly…

Endodontic treatment / Root canal

A large cavity and trauma can damage the tissue inside the tooth, known as pulp, causing it to esssentially die. Endodontic treatment – root canal – is an alternative to tooth extraction that can save your tooth and your smile. Endodontic treatment is a highly skilled procedure in which briefly we follow 3 phases: 1st,…

Periodontal treatment

Periodontal disease affects the gum and bone, the supporting tissues of the teeth. The symptoms vary from no symptom at all to gum bleeding on brushing and to mobility or drifting of the teeth. The treatment involve a procedure called scaling and root planing during which we remove plaque and calculus and we clean and…

Preventive programms

In Dentistry prevention has low cost, while restoration has high. We are dedicated to preventive care and we offer you a preventive programme for your children as well as and family dental plan that includes prolepsis for the entire family. If you attend our clinic regularely, until your child becomes 5, one visit per year will…


Dental implants are root subsitutes and they: replace lost teeth while have no impact to adjoing teeth provide secure support for a full denture provide support for a bridge An important advantage of implants apart from feeling and looking like your normal teeth is that they help preserve the function and quality of alveolar bone in…


Dentures are another alternative to correct missing teeth. Custom fit and colour matched to restore your smile to what is used to be. With the amazing technology available to dentists there are many trouble free options for those who lost all their teeth, or can not have a bridge for their missing teeth. Types of…

Minor surgery / Other treatments / Mouthguards

       You need a simple tooth or wisdom tooth removal, an apicoectomy procedure, one or more dental implants or a gum surgery?  We carefully listen to your problem, perform thorough physical and radiographic exam, explain to you the nature of your situation and recommend the appropriate treatment. Then, a surgical date and time will  be arranged…