Children’s Dental Services

Our first mission is to teach and motivate every child to develop good long lasting habits for the future. Our contribution to this target is the application of a professional preventive program to protect young teeth and prevent decay: If both parents are patients of record and in good standing with our offices, checkup visits for children until the age of 5 will be complementary of Dental 4 all. This includes 5 check up yearly visits. During these visits we examine: a) growth and development, b) oral hygiene, c) dental decay (cavities), d) injuries and other possible problems, we clean the teeth, as indicated, we provide parent education and tip for the daily oral care of your child, and we evaluate and discuss with you your child’s flouride needs.

When we diagnose “baby” tooth decay, we restore the tooth with modern materials such as glass ionomer cement. We try not to exctract baby tooth as it maintains the space for when the permanent successor tooth erupts. If the space is lost, perhaps orthodontic problems are created in the future.

Some months after the first primary molars eruption into the oral cavity, teeth should fissure sealed. Fissures are the natural grooves/valley shapes on the biting surfaces of the back teeth. Some fissures are deep and we “seal” them by adding a layer of material so food/debris does not accumulate preventing decay.

If your child has an accident please call at 6972835697 or 697771331. Time matters!
We will consult you and see your child as quickly as possible.We advise that during sports the child wears mouthguard.


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DateJuly 28, 2015