Dentures are another alternative to correct missing teeth. Custom fit and colour matched to restore your smile to what is used to be. With the amazing technology available to dentists there are many trouble free options for those who lost all their teeth, or can not have a bridge for their missing teeth.

Types of dentures:

If all teeth are missing:

  • Complete denture
  • Overdenture supported by imlants in cases of hard and soft tissue deficits. An alternatine to complete dentures, an ideal solution for elderly patients, especially for their lower denture
  • Immediate denture: placed at the same moment of teeth extraction. Maintains patients appearance speech and mastication. Preserves the bone and enhances healing process.

 If not all teeth are missing:

  • Partial denture: replace one or more missing teeth. We use a variety of techniques and materials to make more aesthetic partial dentures.
  • Partial  flexible denture (valplast or flexite). Valplast denture is virtually invisible, unbreakable, non allergic, metal free, light weight.

All dentures except (valplast) can be repaired or relined when it is required.
Denture reline is strongly recommended to readjust your old ill-fitting denture for changed shape of the gum. In many cases you may avoid new denture fabrication.
In specific cases you may be helped by a soft liner alternative.

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DateJuly 28, 2015