Periodontal treatment

Periodontal disease affects the gum and bone, the supporting tissues of the teeth. The symptoms vary from no symptom at all to gum bleeding on brushing and to mobility or drifting of the teeth. The treatment involve a procedure called scaling and root planing during which we remove plaque and calculus and we clean and smooth root surface.

The treatment administered depends on to what extent you are suffering with gum disease. Gingivitis affects the gums while periodontitis both gums and bone. In over 70% of the cases a nonsurgical tretment regimen can be achieved. Adhering to brushing and flossing and to regural professional cleanings, will ensure good oral hygiene and control gum diseases. It is our job to teach you how to succeed. It is prooved that the periodeontal tretment is successfull – it stops the progression of the disease -when the 4 steps below are followed:

  • Step 1: Assessment. Parodontogram and x-ray. A tailored periodontal treatment plan will be created and discussed with you.
  • Step 2: Treatment – non surgical. Root scaling under local anaesthesia. Usually need 4 visits. Re-assessment is planned after 4-6 weeks.
  • Step 3: Re- assessment. Evaluate healing.
  • Step 4: Future Maintenance. It is essential to attend your individual maintenance plan according to your requirements. Periodic appointments will be booked for cleaning. The standard is 2 visits a year but may be higher for complex cases.


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DateJuly 28, 2015