Preventive programms

In Dentistry prevention has low cost, while restoration has high. We are dedicated to preventive care and we offer you a preventive programme for your children as well as and family dental plan that includes prolepsis for the entire family.

If you attend our clinic regularely, until your child becomes 5, one visit per year will be complementary of Dental 4 all. The program is valid, if you do not miss a visit. Taking your child to the dentist at an early age is the best way to prevent oral health problems. This will be one of the greatest gifts you will offer your child.

We are committed to providing premier preventive dentistry to the entire family. We will create together your family dental plan in a way that you will save money. Only by attending periodic examinations with us, gum diseases will be controlled, old restorations and failing fillings will be identified through x-ray examination in good time to treat promptly, easily and with less money.

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DateJuly 28, 2015