Smile Design

Porcelain laminates/ veneers are thin shells placed over stained, misshaped, damaged or unattractive teeth. They can also close gaps between teeth and magically improve your smile. The thin layer porcelain appears very natural due to translucency of porcelain. They are stain resistant and long lasting.

οψεις ρητίνηςLaminate veneers represent the most highly “cosmetic” of dental procedures. Many times they are applied symply because you are unhappy with your smile.

If the changes we want to perform are minor, there are many types of prefabricated porcelain veneers and we will choose the appropriate for you.

If your case need more than just a very thin cover,your porcelain laminates we will fabricated by our highly gifted and artistic technician. Dental 4 all collaborates with a special cosmetic dental laboratory. Together we create a special wax-up proposal and tranfer it to your mouth using temporary resin. We proceed to the final placement only after the smile treatment has been approved by you.

Resin venners can be constructed witrh free hand – we call the technique: bonding – or with prefabricated resin veneers, called componeers. 

Before deciding your smile design contact us and learn about our aesthetic benefit program

Sometimes we perform gingivectomy in order to redesign the smile.


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DateJuly 28, 2015