Teeth whitening / bleaching

Teeth whitening means to brighten your teeth by removing stain caused from staining foods and beverages. Teeth bleaching refers to lightening a tooth from the inside-out. Bleaching makes the whole natural tooth whiter.

We offer two whitening systems to fit our patients’ lifestyles and budget considerations. The most effective bleaching is succeeded by the combination of both systems, according to the latest guidelines.

  • In-office whitening, offers great results in one or two appoitments
  • Take home whitening kit, where the whitening gels are delivered via customized bleaching trays.

Almost everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening. However some dark teeth are more resistant to the dental procedures. In some cases porcelain veneers are an excellent option and allow you to choose how white you want your smile to be.

Teeth whitening treatment is included in the aesthetic benefit program of our clinics.

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DateJuly 28, 2015